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The Dreams Wanderer Firefly Education Program aims to help primary school children gain artistic knowledge and skills, and give them a positive attitude towards arts.

Supported by the Alte Mane Foundation, children learn about different artists and their works as well as basic artistic concepts on the Dreams Wanderer Firefly program. They also have a fun time with various artistic activities during which they apply eclectic art techniques.

Grades: 1-8th grades

Program Length: 12 x 40 min.

Program Venue: TEGV Dreams Wanderer Firefly Mobile Learning Unit


The usual classes are very boring but I really enjoyed at caravan. I love caravan more than usual painting. I recommend everyone to come here, it was unique and wonderful. I hope caravan will never leave. I love you so much.
C. K.
I really enjoyed at caravan. We all loved Onur Hoca. We made many paintings, for example we filled shapes with acrylic paintings, we made spiders from styrofoam. We had a lot of fun. I wish this caravan comes again.
E. G.
Thank you so much for everything Onur Abi. We drew very beautiful pictures and painted and had fun. And we learned as we were having fun and we had fun as we learning. Thank you, I wish you never go because we love you so much.
N. T.
I want to come here so much. I really liked here. I recommend here to my friends. I liked the abstract sculpture most. I felt very happy here.
B. Y.
I came to Dream Wanderer today. I was curious about it before I came. We did many things. Things that I knew:
• Portrait
• Abstract Sculpture
Things that I did not know:
• Mono print
• Graffiti
• Activities like Modrian
I had a lot of fun in all of them. They gave us badge and card. If I did not come here, perhaps, I would never learn and do any of these activities. This place is perfect, I would like to come here every day and I recommend here to everyone.
E. E.
I loved Dream Wanderer so much. We made beautiful paintings. It was one of the best days of my life. We made lots of wonderful things. We made Modrian, graffiti and paintings. I recommend here to everyone and thank you. I wrote a poem for you:
We had fun like a game.
We are going to draw apart.
I hope this kind of things will happen again.
You are like painters.
E. K.
Dear Dream Wanderer,
I loved this place so much. I recommend to everyone. I really had fun; I hope you will come again. I really loved here, he never gets angry. Also, I think all classes should be like this. We did lots of activities here. I learned many things. I could not choose a favorite activity because I love them all. Here, I learned mono print, etc. Thank you so much for entertaining us this much.
I. I. A.
Dear Dream Wanderer,
I am very happy to come and spend time here. I wish many people will be happy in this caravan. I loved to make portraits and paintings. I really enjoyed being here. I think my friends will also love here. See you Dream Wanderer, I love you so much. I hope this paper will be a memory for someone else.
F. K.
Hello Dream Wanderer Family,
I will talk about my experiences in the caravan. I don’t know where to start. I was fascinated when I got into the caravan. There were many paints. We started the first activity. My favorite activity was magical ink. First, I drew stars with crayons. Then, I draw planets and a rocket. I crossed over with magical ink. I have never used this ink before. It did not get mixed with the other paint. Also, we did another activity. We painted the table with the color that we want. Then, we drew a vase with flowers. Then, we put a paper on the table and push it slightly. Then, we slowly remove the paper. Now, the flower on the table was on the paper. That activity was also enjoyful. To be honest, my painting was not so good. I could choose the correct color. In another activity, I drew a fish in a sea. I covered the fish with eva. We did many activities. I had fun in all of them. My adventure in the caravan was really nice. I learned new things. Actually, I wanted to stay more. After my caravan adventure was finished, we returned to our class. A few days later, Onur Hoca came and brought us our paintings. He gave us badges which write Dream Wanderer. I wore the badge whole day. Now, the badge is on my bag. Caravan was a great memory for me. It was the first time that I get on a caravan. I hope a caravan will come to our school next year. Thank TEGV.
C. K. M.
I didn’t know how to do paintings or draw shapes. Now, I learned everything with Dream Wanderer. I wish that I stay here forever and come here during the school time. I also loved Onur Abi, because none of the art teacher did these kinds of activities. My favorite things,
• Graffiti
• Mono print
• Abstract Sculpture.
I was very happy and really liked here.
C. K.






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